We are a high-quality and reliable partner for the development and production of confectionery. The production at Astra Sweets meets the highest quality standards of IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety). Our production sites are regularly audited unannounced.

Quality control

We consider quality to be very important and only want to market high-quality and food-safe candy that meet consumer expectations. That’s why we carry out various quality checks throughout the production process (from raw material to packaged product) such as color, taste, weight, packaging, etc.

Our production


Each new candy shape starts with an idea that is developed into a 3D drawing. As soon as we are satisfied with the shape of the candy, we convert it to a mold. During the manufacturing process, these molds are stamped in starch and the print is filled with liquid candy. Then the candies are dried or cooled, depending on the recipe, until the desired texture is reached. Finally, the candies get a coating (oil, acid, sugar) and can be packaged.

It may surprise you that our tasty mallows only consist of 4 main ingredients: Glucose, gelatin, sugar and water. These ingredients are whipped into a light and foamy mass. This foam is pressed through a special machine and cut into the desired shape. After a short drying period, the delicious taste develops further.

The production of our unique Rocket Balls consists of a number of steps: making the dough, shaping, cooling, coating and packaging. We start by making a mixture of water, glucose, sugar and colors and flavors. This mixture is formed into a round candy and provided with its unique powder filling. Finally, the balls are given a protective layer so that they don’t stick before they go to the packaging department.

That is a secret! Shhhh