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Discover Frisia

Frisia is famous in the Netherlands and Belgium. Who hasn’t tasted the only real marshmallows by Frisia? The brand’s product range also includes irresistible gums, UFOs and Rocket Balls.


Frisia candy


It is safe to say that the popularity of marshmallows in the Netherlands is thanks to Frisia®. In addition to the core range of products including the famous Party Mallows, we offer the popular Orange Mallows during King’s Day and during the European Football Championships or World Cups. The entire range of mallows consists of Party Mallows, Twister Mallows, Diamond Mallows, BBQ Marshmallows, Mini Mallows and Sugared Mallows.

You can find more information about the Frisia® Mallows on the website www.my-frisia. com.


Frisia has both the original UFOs as special Cola UFOs. Delicious with a surprise sour center! The Original UFOs are filled with sour powder, the Cola UFOs with sour powder and cola flavour. The Frisia UFO is a candy product in the shape of a flying saucer, with an outside of candy paper and a filling of sour powder.