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Why should

you work for us?

We are a flexible organisation that responds swiftly to change and can capitalise on the market in a targeted manner. To achieve this, we invest daily in our staff, the motor behind our organisation.

You will work for an organisation where you can develop yourself and where your initiative is appreciated. A family atmosphere runs through our ambitious teams and you will work on your career in a passionate environment.

Can you make the difference? We are always looking for experienced, talented staff. Check out our job openings and internships. If there is nothing there for you and you are convinced you have something to offer our organisation, why not send us an open application.


are we?

Astra Sweets is a growing family firm in the confectionery sector with Belgian-Dutch roots and the no-nonsense attitude so characteristic of the Kempen region.
We are constantly looking for improvement and innovation, but without denying our history and values. It is no surprise that our clients around the globe appreciate our high quality standards and market orientation.

What can you

do for us?

Everything we do is based on our five values. We look for these values ​​in everyone we recruit.

1. Entrepreneurship – we are proactive and seek out opportunities for innovation with our staff

2. No-nonsense – we work efficiently thanks to our open, direct communication style

3. Respect – we respect one another, our products and the planet

4. Ownership – we don’t shirk our responsibilities and look after the organisation’s interests

5. Passion – we are enthusiastic, proud and continuously strive for top quality

You want to work for Astra?

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