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Gives you energy

You name it, we make it. We enjoy being creative and innovative when it comes to shapes, colours, flavours and finishings. Experience has taught us what people enjoy! Think, for example, of our delicious fruit gums, winegums, soft gums, foam gums and starch gums.

Our favorites

Strawberry Dream



Starch Gum


2 Layers Gum

Sour Bear

Soft Gum



Gum Mix



Gums are enjoyed globally. We make so many different versions that there is always a gum to suit anyone’s taste. All according to special recipes. A few delicious examples:

  • Oiled soft gums. Think of soft sweets such as bears, cola bottles and cherries.
  • Sugar-coated soft gums. Soft, sugar-coated sweets: sugared gumballs and peaches.
  • Sugar-coated sour gums. Sugar-coated sweets with a refreshingly sour layer: sour bears and sour cola bottles.
  • Gums with a sweet, soft white layer. Think of: frogs, turtles and eggs. Also available with a sour sugar layer.
  • Oiled, soured winegums.
  • Starch gums in all shapes, colours and flavours. Oiled, soured and sugar coated. With a really soft bite, for instance: eyes, lips and strawberries.