career policy

Our employees are a vital part of our organization. Astra therefore wishes to invest in a sustainable HR and career policy, a policy that supports our strategic pillars. In this context, we will take on the following challenges in the coming period.

More focus on well-being at work

We want to invest in tackling stress at work by focusing on the mental strain. We want to gain insight into the causes of stress at work and we preach self management. More autonomy will increase the resilience of our personnel to deal with work pressure. We offer support when our employees are unable to solve a problem themselves.

Creating a coaching Astra leadership style

Our employees are supported in their self management by investing in coaching leadership. Coaching leadership has a positive relationship with the belief in one’s own abilities. It also promotes performance by aligning the goals and interests of team members with the feeling of optimism, effectiveness and team goals. The objective is that managers are aware of their role in the sustainable career policy and that managers know how to support employees in a coaching and supporting manner.

Creating an environment where employees take their careers into their own hands.

Our employees are supported in the personal development of their career through the introduction of competence management. The traditional ways of on-the-job training and assessment only focus on professional expertise. Competence management puts the overall picture first. As a result, we want a global overview of core competencies, general competences and task-related competencies in the form of a competence matrix. We also work towards a thorough competence-oriented job description for all positions within the UFO department.

In order to achieve the above objectives, we submitted an ESF file, this was approved and therefore we can complete this project in co-financing in the period from 1/1/2019 up to and including 30/6/2020. We receive this financial support from the European Social Fund and from the Flemish government. This project is part of: 436 Sustainable Career Policy.