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The production at Astra Sweets complies with the high quality standard of IFS (International Food Standard): a recognised institute that regularly carries out quality audits in our factories and that test our procedures.

Quality marks

We want to invest in tackling stress at work by focusing on the mental strain. We want to gain insight into the causes of stress at work and we preach self management. More autonomy will increase the resilience of our personnel to deal with work pressure. We offer support when our employees are unable to solve a problem themselves.

Engaged with the world and the people around us, Sustainability

Our contacts feel at home at Astra Sweets because we do what we promise, do that little bit extra and because we achieve what others can’t, but also because we take responsibility for the world around us.

Sustainability has many facets. For example, we have an active waste policy at our production facilities and offices. We also use energy consciously and in Harlingen we employ solar energy. We encourage our staff to think about working more sustainably.

Sustainability is also paramount when it comes to our products. For instance, a large selection of our gums and UFO’s are vegan. Furthermore, we consistently co-conceptualise with retailers to make packaging more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is integrated into our entrepreneurship. It’s not an ad-hoc policy. We constantly make and keep our portfolio healthy. We have started a project entitled Pitstop to do so. Key terms in this respect are: pruning and innovation. We critically examine the portfolio, thereby taking the market, consumers and trends into account. This allows us to innovate and retire products on the basis of flavour, shape, colour and ingredients. This guarantees a super successful range.