Work with PASSION

Performance oriented
Ambitious, keen to achieve targets and constantly focused on improvement.

A kwaliteitA-quality
Viewing quality from a broader perspective than the quality of our finished product alone. Applying high quality standards to your own and other people's work, as well as to how you treat each another..

Creating and promoting an active team spirit by sharing your own ideas, listening to others' opinions and by dealing with conflicts constructively.

Having a clear idea of the desired results and achieving them. Thinking ahead, maintaining an overview and carrying out tasks systematically. Translating success into an ASTRA sense of pride.

Showing reliability & treating everyone fairly. Showing respect for others, differing opinions and also for all personal property. Working in complete transparency; no hidden agenda by effectively doing what you say & saying what you do.

Showing passion and believing in all that you do. Taking responsibility and having a direct impact on personal work environment, development, performance & objectives. A positive and proactive attitude..