Frisia® is the market leader in the Netherlands soft confectionery segment and markets delicious marshmallows, gums and Flying Saucers. Frisia® guarantees delicious confectionery of consistent quality. Try it yourself!


You can be assured that the popularity of marshmallow in the Netherlands is due to Frisia®. In addition to the core assortment including the well-known Party Mallows, popular Orange Marshmallows are on sale in stores during King's Day and throughout the European and World Cup Football championships. The entire range of marshmallows includes Party Mallows, Twister Mallows, Diamond Mallows, BBQ Marshmallows, Mini Mallows and Sugared Mallows. More information on Frisia® marshmallows is available on the website

Flying Saucers

Frisia® produces Original Flying Saucers and Frisia® Cola Flying Saucers. Delicious and nice and sour! The Original Flying Saucers are filled with sherbet and the Cola Flying Saucers contain sherbet and cola flavour. The Frisia® Flying Saucer is a confectionery product shaped like a UFO, with a rice-paper exterior and a sherbet filling.

Streek Product UFO



Frisia® Favourites are an assortment of bestsellers on sale in sweet shops, packaged in a convenient, resealable confectionery bag. Frisia® Favourites include Sour Bears, Sugared Strawberries and Red Lips. The red lips were made for kissing... so delicious!

Favorieten Sour Bears Favorieten Winegums Favorieten Strawberries Favorieten Blue Eyes Favorieten Lips Favorieten Dummies Favorieten Fizzy Bats Favorieten Liquorice & Fruits Favorieten Sour Mix Favorieten Sweet & Sour