Durable business

Astra Streets proves that a caring attitude to people and the environment goes hand in hand with good financial performance, thereby ensuring business continuity.


Our employees make it possible for us to manufacture and market superior quality confectionery. We bring out the best in our employees by creating safe and healthy working conditions and by investing in the quality of our personnel with education and training. All employees can voice their opinions through the social partners and Works Council.


At Astra Sweets we are highly aware that our activities have an impact on our living environment. Obviously, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment and we adhere to laws and regulations. Also with regard to our sweettoothers! 

Our environment

For new production and packaging methods we constantly review the opportunities for cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing. Finally, internal and external audits are conducted within our company to verify that we meet the requirements.


Astra Sweets would like to contribute to responsible food habits among our sweettoothers. We do this by not directing our messages at children under the age of 13, whereupon we comply with the advertisement code for sweets. We communicate honestly about all the ingredients and we actively develop a responsible and sensible product range, which includes portion control and varieties that are low in Sugar and calories.